House of Blues

Song of the Day  :  Vida Blue – Little Miami (Reputation)

I dug Jason Schwartzman before I ever knew he was from Phantom Planet. I loved Zooey Deschanel and fell deeper when I heard She & Him. And yes, even Steven Seagal has a special place in my heart when he picks those blues out from under those weathered fingers. Weathered fingers only a lawman could have after chasing so many bad guys, I assume.

And now it looks as though my Hall of Actors Moonlighting as Musicians will need to make room for another maestro. Right between my gold-plated copies of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Wiked Wisdom & Kevin Costner & The Modern West’s Untold Truths, there is a hollowed space reserved for one man’s divulgence into hallowed New Orleans Blues territory. And that one man can only be: House.

Hugh Laurie is brilliant. Not only has he tricked thousands of Americans into thinking he’s really a doctor, but he’s tricked thousands of Americans into thinking he’s really an American doctor. Now he’s taking on the challenge of convincing everyone he’s a Bluesman.

Recently, Hugh Laurie signed with Warner Music Entertainment to release an album. Backed by two-time Grammy Award Winner Joe Henry, the two have begun collaborating ideas; sharing riffs to satiate Laurie’s taste for the blues.

In all honesty, we should have seen this coming. Hugh Laurie has been playing music on House since it’s conception. Meat Loaf invited Laurie to tickle the ivories on 2010’s “Hang Loose, Teddy Bear”. Laurie even plays pianist in a band consisting of other actors, appropriately titled Band from TV.

So let’s have it, Hugh. Bring it on! We realize that when actors cross the rocky road to musicianship, it can be a bumpy ride (I’m looking at you, Eddie Murphy). But leave it to House to remedy our anxiety:

“…the history of actors making music is a checkered one, but I promise no one will get hurt.” Spoken like a true Cajun, Hugh. Or is it too soon to start calling him Blind Love Laurie?


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