The Fourth of July

Song of the day  :  Supertramp – Breakfast in America

Ah, the Fourth of July. A liaison of fireworks, barbeque, and soccer. Or futbol. Whichever variation of the sport you prefer, JACKFM paid me to leave LA to celebrate America’s Birthday by cheering on The Galaxy.

The Home Depot Center holds home to some of the most enthusiastic soccer/futbol fans ever witnessed. Favorites included The “Let’s-wear-the-same-flag-t-shirt” families, the LA Galaxy Court, and The Screaming Soccer Mom Lady. Listen, I will not give you an extra sucker for your kid, even if you can shout all the lyrics to Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America”. Your kid already peed his pants; I don’t think you want him to have him jumping around any more on a sugar high. Oh wait, that’s not your kid. That’s one of our interns. My bad. Have a t-shirt!

All in all, the game was a success. Not only did The Galaxy win, but the Security Guards didn’t catch me setting off fireworks underneath the bleachers. Those tiny poppers sure do pack a big laugh! The Sticker Pimps even managed to safely hand out stickers and play some tunes. The American People, albeit worn-out after the win, exalted a triumphant sigh as the sun set low on a sky ablaze with fireworks.

And as whizzing whirls of white pulsed over the crash of blue showers, the slow, fading reds of our Jackmobile taillights trailed off into the night as we dragged our doggies back to our home out on the range… conveniently located in a dumpy little building in beautiful downtown Culver City.

Until next year, America. I salute you.

Following Photos taken from atop my Koreatown roof.


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