Ice-T Hates Cops, Loves Twitter

Song of the Day  :  Afroman – Colt 45

As it is written, Rappers are known for keepin’ it real. Whether it’s kickin’ it street side with their homies or swappin’ penitentiary tales, Rap Stars have made it very clear that they are, and always will be, the Bad Asses of our generation.

So why, Ice-T? Why did you have to go and ruin everything! You’re a self-proclaimed Cop Killer, not a Twit Bitcher! Don’t follow T’s tweets online? Allow me to fill ya in, ya dig?

On July 20th, Ice-T was pulled over while riding in his car with his wife, Coco. (Ice-T is married to Conan O’Brien?) What was so shocking was the fact that Ice-T was punished for none of the following reasons: driving while intoxicated, driving with a bigass gun in yo pants, driving while rapping, or even driving while black. No, he was pulled over for driving without a seatbelt.


Yeah, Ice-T. I’d be pissed too. I’d probably even call the cop a “punk bitch rookie cop” too. But please, Ice-T, don’t avenge your maltreatment by seeking Twitter pity. That’s not what you would have done back in 1992. We love you because you’re a staple of gansta rap, hip-hop, and Law & Order: SVU, not because you’re a Master Tweeter.

Remember the early 90’s? Amidst a controversy over “Cop Killer” and the outbreak of police brutality, Arsenio Hall asked you if there were any good cops left out there. You said they did exist, and if anybody sympathized with brutal policing, you didn’t want them as a fan. That’s right! I’m glad your ideals haven’t changed. But you might want to update your quotes on your Facebook page so they read, “If anybody sympathizes with punk bitch rookie cops, I don’t want you to follow me on Twitter.”

Watch Ice-T on The Ansenio Hall Show!


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