Sticks and Stones May Break His Bones, But Publishing Might Not Hurt

Song of the Day  :  Buffalo Springfield  –  For What It’s Worth

Ronnie Wood is a Rock Star. He has recorded dozens of albums, played onstage with renowned rock gods, and partied (hard) in The Rolling Stone‘s heyday with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Most recently, he did something no rock star has ever done before – He cleaned his room.

Thank the heavens that he did, for sunk between the couch cushions of yesteryear, Wood uncovered the lost tomes of his early career.

“I’d been rifling through some old stuff I had in the house and I found this diary that I kept in 1965. There were still installments all the way up to December – I don’t know how I kept it going all the way through the year. Some of it is just astonishing – I reckon I could publish the thing as it is. It’s my personal diary so it is very honest,” says Wood.

You may be asking yourself, “1965”? Wood didn’t join The Rolling Stones until 1976. What incidents of interest could this diary possibly uncover?

It’s possible we’ll see what it is like being an 18-year-old writing songs and playing with The Birds, rubbing elbows with the likes of Kim Gardner and Rod Stewart on a daily basis. Maybe he’ll even tell us about the formation of FacesThe Creation, and even Quiet Melon. We may even stumble upon the first time Wood met Jeff Beck and discussed the pressing issue of recording an album together (they eventually released two albums under the name Jeff Beck Group).

Or maybe, if we’re really lucky, his diary will tell us about his first kiss. Oooh! Maybe he played M.A.S.H. back in the 60’s!!

Hopefully not.

Whatever his diary uncovers, we’re positive it will be a turbulent ride through the psychedelic episodes of a rock-and-roll legend in the 1960’s. Coincidentally, Ketih Richards will be releasing his autobioraphy soon. Is Wood worried?

“Keith’s book will do well, I’m sure,” says Wood. “I mean, he is a very eloquent man. But my diary is interesting too though.”

Well spoken, Wood.

[Source: Spinner]


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