Walking Dead Resurrects for Season Two on AMC

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A photo of a Zombie from season 2 of The Walking Dead

ZOMBIES! BLOOD! GUNS! HORSES! TANKS! Wait, what? Horses and tanks? If you’re curious as to what zombie format weaves these beautiful creatures into their narrative, then you haven’t set eyes on the newest resurrection of zombie lore. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your feed for human flesh with The Walking Dead television series.

Originally, The Walking Dead is a graphic novel by Robert Kirkman. Renowned writer/director Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption) has since taken the story and breathed life by bringing zombies back into our homes. With both artists running the project, corpse-enthusiasts the world over are hungry for this gory adaptation. With healthy buzz generated from the latest preview at Comic-Con, AMC released the groundbreaking news that The Walking Dead has won a second season – before the first season has even had a chance to air.

The series is already thirteen volumes deep with over seventy-eight issues printed. The first season tracks the first volume, following small-town Police Officer Rick Grimes as he scours his Kentucky community for survivors. Sources say the second season will follow the plot of the second volume, introducing more frightened survivors, and hopefully, more terrifying zombies.

  • Check out the trailer shown at this year’s Comic-Con

[Source: O’NTD]


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