Lindsay Lohan, Nude Nun with Gun in Machete Movie

Song of the Day  :  Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby, One More Time

Lindsay Lohan gets sexy and naked in Machete

There are many things Lindsay Lohan likes. For instance, she likes to party. She also likes to party hard and get exploited through the tabloids. She even enjoys partying beyond her limits and ending up in court, jail, or some dude’s front lawn. Do we sense a pattern here? We think so, and if the pattern continues, the next step is obvious – NUDITY.

Lindsay Lohan recently graced the cover of Maxim magazine, sporting outfits that left very little to the imagination. Lucky for us, our cover-to-cover fantasies will be no more! In her latest movie, Machete, Lohan plays a canoness with deep, dark secrets. While she only spends fifteen minutes on the silver screen, she makes sure that the scene is really shows off her boobies acting.

According to one lucky man who was treated to an advance screening,

“She’s nude almost the whole time (except for the “nun with a gun” scene), and she has a videotaped ménage à trois with her on-screen mother and Danny Trejo in a pool. Her father pulls her out of a drug den type situation and confesses (to priest Cheech Marin) to lustful thoughts about his daughter. “I just wish she’d look at me as more of a man.”

Machete doesn’t hit theaters until September 03, but we’re sure the lines are forming now. Before you leap out of your cubicle and frantically search for tickets, here’s another tip you can hide under the mattress – once her 90-day rehabilitation program is completed, Lohan is set to play  porno legend Linda Lovelace in Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story.

Hmmm, do you think she’ll be getting naked in that one…?

[Source: O’NTD]


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