Robert Plant Raised Sand, New Tour for Band of Joy

Song of the Day  :  Led Zeppelin – Gallow’s Pole

Robert Plant and his solo band touring to promote the new album, Band of Joy

Robert Plant is widely known as one of the best singers in rock-n-roll. First, he pioneered the “Banshee Wail” while touring with Led Zeppelin; Almost 40 years later, he shook the realm of rock by breaking free of his pattern and cutting 2009’s Album of the Year, Raising Sand. Now, permeating in a blue-ish limbo of nostalgia and momentum, Plant embarked on a tour to generate enthusiasm  for his new solo album, Band of Joy.

Classic Rock enthusiasts will recognize “Band of Joy” as the name of Plant and Bonham’s first band, developed before the days of Led Zeppelin. It seems that Plant, who will always be remembered for pioneering the iconic classic rock band, has always had an insatiable appetite for unexplored territory.

After the success of Raising Sand, Plant found himself submerged in an ocean of possibilities, he explains:

I suddenly felt very free and liberated. The moment was open ended, with a huge horizon, and that’s how I used to feel about music. This great weight fell away from me and I thought, ‘I could be 17 here.’ It took me back to how I felt when I was in the Band of Joy.

Finding new directions to take his music has always been the main goal for Plant. Taking residence in the South, he finds himself exploring his feelings more acoustically.

I just haven’t had enough mountain music yet. I don’t want to just go on some kind of clever musical voyage. I want to go places where I’m amazed. The South is still intoxicating for me, I’m still taking it all in… I feel like a strange cousin from across the water. I’m still a voyeur in America, and after all these years I still haven’t dug in beneath the epidermis.

We’re sure whatever kind of musical journey Plant decides to take us on will prove to be an electric voyage of rhythmic intensity. As long as he continues to duck and weave through the roots of American Rock, this foray into his catalogue of inspiration could prove to be his legacy.

Through it all, Plant still finds time to keep it all lighthearted: “I wish Bonzo was around now to dig it.”

So do we.

[Source: O’NTD]


One Response to Robert Plant Raised Sand, New Tour for Band of Joy

  1. Katie Lipps says:

    LOVE Robert Plant and Alison Kraus. 🙂

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