Stones Reveal Tour, Jagger Revealed as Sexual Predator

Song of the Day  :  The Rolling Stones – Turd on the Run

Rolling Stones Reunion Tour set for 2012?

2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year: The Rolling Stones‘ Charlie Watts recently told a French newspaper that the band is gearing up for their 50th anniversary, a celebration consisting of a national tour! Will Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger’s ex-wife, pull the plug with the release of her new book?

Jerry Hall, the 54-year-old-model, is remembered by her ability to ween Mick Jagger off of his drug habit. In her new book, “My Life in Pictures”, she claims that the drugs may have exited his life, but the addiction was replaced with spells of sexual infidelity. With many accusations thrown around throughout the ten-year marriage, 1999 finally saw an unhappy end to the happy couple: Luciana Gimenez, a model with whom Jagger shared tabloid fodder, revealed she was pregnant with his child.

Chalk this up with the countless other shenanigans the band has committed over the years, and it makes sense that the “Armageddon Year” coincides with The Stones’ return to the open road. How sure are we that the famed rowdy, bawdy, and always suggestive Stones still have rock-n-roll coursing through their veins?

“We will resume playing whenever Mick and Keith get bored,” Watts said. “At the moment, they’re having a good time.”

[Source: music-news]


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