Pixilating People, or the Art of Automating Atari

 Song of the Day  :  The Black Keys – Psychotic Girl

Pac Man GAME OVER Project

Let’s see… got Vanilla Ice playing in the background, a pitcher of Tang, some Twinkies… what are we missing to complete our 1985 Basement Hibernation Experience?

Pac-Man, of course! Haven’t you been curious what he’s been up to for almost 30 years?


Guillaume Reymond, a French-Swiss (gahh…)  artist, has created the GAME OVER Project which features stop-motion video performances of some of the most beloved Atari games of yesteryear. This recreation was “played” by 111 human pixels that has moved from seat to seat during more than 4 hours.

[Source: MonkeyBusiness]


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