Add the Triple Decker Record to Your Vinyl Collection

Song of the Day  :  Guster – Lost and Gone Forever

Jack White Releases Triple Decker Record

Jack White is a master of conceiving the inconceivable. So far, he’s combined a guitar with a harmonica, convinced everyone that his wife is his sister (or his sister his wife… we’re still not quite sure), and pioneered the old sounds of roots-rock with the new sounds of indie-exploration. While most fans know him as a musician, not many know that he is slowly redefining your vinyl collection.

In a world driven by mp3s and iPods, there a select few that cherish the crackles and pops that you can only hear through a 45. Jack White knows this. He prefers vinyl. He likes to be different.

It makes sense that the next puzzle on his list of mysterious inconsistencies would be to redefine the “hidden track” concept that bless so many an album. However, his hidden track can’t be downloaded. It can’t even be listened to in your CD player. This hidden track can only be heard by tearing apart some of that precious vinyl.

Jack White struck up a deal with Third Man Records to create the very first “Triple Decker Record”, a 12-inch version of the single embedded with a previously unreleased 7-inch vinyl, which can only be listened to once removed from inside the 12-inch record. You don’t pop this sucker out though- you gotta crack this baby open the hard way.

Designed and trademarked by White himself, the first Triple Decker Record will be The Dead Weather’s Blue Blood Blues. The Dead Weather is one of White’s many side projects.

Creating music mind games is trademark Third Man Records pride’s itself on. Other novelty records include:

  • Split Colored Vinyl (too beautiful)
  • Tri-colored Vinyl (three beautiful)
  • Glow-in-the-dark Vinyl (Monster Mash?)
  • Texas-Sized 13″ Vinyl (everything’s bigger in Texas)
  • Peach Scented Vinyl (how lovely)

And just when you thought your collection was complete! Crack open those old milk cartons, you’re gonna have to make some room for these collector’s items.


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