Buffalo Springfield Retrospective is Revisited, Reunited, and Reformed

 Song of the Day  :  The Derek Trucks Band – All I Do 

Buffalo Springfield Revisits old material 

“Stop, hey, what’s that sound…” 

Well, it’s Buffalo Springfield of course! Playing publicly for the first time since 1968. 


Buffalo Springfield, best known for their 1966 hit “For What It’s Worth”, is a staple in Rock-n-Roll history. Writing classic songs that encompass the tribulation of the 1960’s counter-culture movement, Buffalo Springfield created a masterful sound that strung together folky refrains with the angst of rock, suspending their melodies with a tranquil cord of harmonies. 

While the group only played together for three years, their legacy lives on. The band help springboard careers for musicians Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Messina, Palmer, Furay, and many more. Throughout their shuffling of musicians, Buffalo Springfield eventually disbanded in 1968. 

Now, nearly 40 years later, the band will reunite to support the Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, California on October 23rd and October 24th. The benefit has been around since 1986 and works to raise money for the students with severe physical handicaps. 

This reunion proves to be of significant importance, drawing other acts such as Pearl Jam, Elvis Costello, Modest Mouse, Elton John, and even The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges

[Source: RS]


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