JACK’s 5th Show: We Came, We Saw, We Conquered.

Song of the Day  :  Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man
Jack’s Fifth Show, Sticker Pimps and all

—-Special Note : I did not actually make it out to Jack’s Fifth Show in Irvine, CA. It was Yom Kippur, and I was busy repenting for my many, many sins. I did however write up a very nice review over the concert, which is featured below. Please, enjoy!—-

For those of you who made it out to Jack’s Fifth Show, we salute you. We promise your vision will return to normal before too long; the ferocious blurs of the weekend coupled with the ghosts of rock-and-roll past is enough to make any grown man seek refuge under their cubicle desk, but fear not.

Our Sticker Pimps were flying high at Irvine, going above and beyond to please artist and fan alike. If it were not for their fastidious fancy of musical recreation, we’re pretty sure nobody would have survived the weekend. Hell, if it weren’t for them, that fat lady would still be stuck in the fake cereal box.

Compiled below is the weekend review, seen through the eyes of our very own Sticker Pimps, our favorite drunk attendees, and even some backstage action.

  • The JACK Sticker Pimps are good at a lot, but they’re amazing at bringing the JACK vibe to the crowd. Check out their photo gallery here: Sticker Pimpin’ the Lot.
  • There ain’t no party till the side show starts and people can feel the vibe in the atmosphere. The Spazmatics and Metal Shop brought it. There’s only one side stage act and it’s the Spasmatics / Metal Shop.
  • Being the first major act at a multi-tiered music festival like JACK’s 5th Show can be hard, but not if you’re Sweet. As the crowd poured in the band rocked them with their sexy anthems. See all the details on our Sweet coverage here.
  • What’s it like to not only look as good as you did nearly 30 years ago, but to sound as good if not better? Ask Modern English cause their set redefined edgy British new wave music for today’s listeners.
  • Skid Row changed up the vibe at JACK’s 5th Show giving the crowd a little hard rock, which is exactly what it needed. The audience sang along to “18 and Life” while women everywhere gyrated and shook what their mama gave them. In return, the male audience members thanked Skid Row for igniting the flame that started the fire.
  • Young MC had ten minutes to rock the crowd, despite technical issues with his mic her got up on stage, declared that “Bust A Move” changed his life and then he changed the crowds life with a live performance of the song.
  • The Fixx is a family oriented band that knows how to rock while making sure that all the people around them know “One Thing Leads To Another.” Of course, that is the most important part of all.
  • The only thing better than watching Vanilla Ice perform his hits “Ice Ice Baby” and “Ninja Rap” was getting Smirnoff Iced by him and the epic adventure that surrounded it.
  • The guys from Night Ranger really rocked the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, but it was the woman in the crowd that thought the lyrics where about “Motor boating” that really rocked our socks.
  • Dark, mysterious and sexy: The Cult put on a show that had people jumping out of their seats. Not just because The Cult was totally awesome on stage, but because Ian threw out multiple tambourines and everyone wanted to get a piece of something he’d had in his gloved hands.
  • There’s a reason Steve Miller Band is a rock icon and it starts with all of their hits and ends with bringing Vanilla Ice and a 15-year-old protege guitarist on stage to close the show.
  • Did you have your own AWESOME adventure at JACK’s 5th show? Leave your feedback here and tell us what you thought and what you did!

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