OK GO Teaches Old Dogs New Tricks in “White Knuckles”

Song of the Day  :  Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside

OK Go's breakout music video, "Here it goes again"

OK Go‘s latest viral music video has been viewed over 3 million times in the last 48 hours. This is the latest video created in the bands never-ending journey to create one-and-done music videos. Most of time, they hit the nail straight on the head. Sometime, they’re a little off. “White Knuckles” is their most recent attempt at a one-take music video, but this time they have a temperamental element to deal with – Dogs.

  • White Knuckles” : Dogs, office supplies, and more dogs.
  • This Too Shall Pass” : Syyn Labs and OK GO create a Rube Goldberg machine.
  • Here It Goes Again” : Their first music video. Started a revolution. Treadmills will never be the same.

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