Futuristic Musical Instruments Of The Future: The Eigenharp

Song of the Day : Neil Young – Heart of Gold

The Futurist Musical Instrument, The Eigenharp

 Extra! Extra! Blow Hards Rock Out The Eigenharp!

Face it, robots. We are nothing but hard drives living in a digital age where yearbooks are replaced by Facebooks and boob tubes are replaced by YouTubes. Around us, everyday utilities are being converted to ones and zeros. What ever happened to the physical world? Is it too stimulating? Will computer screens be the only medium in which we view the world? Where do we draw the line drawn before technology converts us completely? Is there still hope for a collaboration of our perceived reality and our projected reality?

Man, we hope so. While technology is the culprit of our weekly nightmares, there are still a few things that prove our yearning for learning can end up creating some pretty fantastic inventions. Most impressive are the instruments of the future. Check out the new wave of guitar/flute/synthesizer combinations: The Eigenharp!

BBC claims the Eigenharp to be ”the most revolutionary new musical instrument of the last 60 years”. Really, just look at it you’ll think the same thing. The instrument took over eight years to develop, but the technology it utilizes has been around for quite a while. It just took someone to combine all of our favorite noises into one long, blow-y, tube-y thing.

[Check out the first introduction of the instrument at BBC News]


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