Soundgarden To Go Platinum Thanks To Video Game


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Due to large Guitar Hero sales, Soundgarden goes platinum

Soundgarden has been working on their retrospective, Telephantasm, over the past year. In an effort to boost sales and popularity, Activision has bundled the band’s album with the upcoming video game release of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

Could this the future of marketing synergy? We all know coffee is for closers, but when did video games usurp the record store?

It may be. Activision preordered a million copies of the bundle, instantly rocketing Telephantasm to platinum status.

In an age where music listeners are more inclined to buy singles online or share music illegally, the chances of an album going platinum have become rarer and rarer. To put it in perspective, let’s look at Bon Jovi. With one of the largest fanbases in popular music, it still took Bon Jovi three months from the release of The Circle to achieve platinum status. Soundgarden did it before the record hit the stores.

Could video games really be the answer the dwindling music sales? Possibly. Maybe it helps that Soundgarden fans are still strumming plastic guitars. Will these fans be waiting in line to buy tickets to their shows or will they be too busy trying to beat “Black Hole Sun” on expert? Only time will tell.

[Burned and copied from MusicNews]


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