The Who’s New Music, New Tour, New Outlook

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The Who's New Album

According to Rolling Stone, there is a collection of classic rock-n-roll bands that defined the sounds of The 60’s. They call these visionaries the Holy Trinity of British Bands. Without thinking too hard, one can assume The Beatles to be a part of that trifecta. And if The Beatles are involved, The Rolling Stones will forever be immediately compared.

Who else could possibly complete this holy trinity? Who else filled those stadiums? Who else blasted those eardrums? Who else pushed rock so close to the edge that they could make it wail symphonic cacophonies until it collapsed into a brass heap of heated work? Who? Who? Who!

Maybe it was their Super Bowl performance that reignited the flame, but The Who‘s Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey (self-appointed “The Two”) are writing new material like never before. It has been four years since they released any new material (the album Endless Wire), yet they are more eager to play for an audience than they have been in years.

Daltrey is hoping the new album will be completed between tours. With an extensive 2011 tour already in the works, The Two have found out that their fanbase will follow their lead the world over. However, approaching the tour seems to be more daunting to Daltrey than the idea of a new album.

“We have thought about doing a greatest hits tour. But what is a greatest hits show? All the hits and nothing else, and none of the obscure? That would bore me shitless. If we did a greatest hits tour, everybody would say, ‘We’re bored with that, give us something else’. We can never please everybody.”

He continues, “I would like to be on the road playing as many different kind of shows as we could. Maybe doing Quadrophenia one night, do greatest hits the next night, this is what I would like to do. And ‘Tommy, if I could still sing Tommy. That would be really good fun and don’t keep going out with the same show every night – the audience would have to take a chance on what show they actually got”.

Don’t sweat it you guys. No matter what you play we’re sure the stadiums will be filled with people and bras will continue to be flung at your faces. Sing “Baba O’Riley”, sing “Magic Bus”, sing whatever! As long as the guitars are wasted and the bass drum is turned, The Who will still continue to have a hold on our undivided attention.

[Lifted from ClashMusic]


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