Willy Wonka’s Three-Course Gum To Become Reality!


Song of the Day  :  Savoy Truffle – The Beatles

Willy Wonka's Three Course Gum Is So Close we can taste it!

Stride gum has a wonderful new flavor. It’s called Shift – a gum that takes your mouth through a magical journey, first tasting like citrus and then shifting to a fresh minty breeze. Not the greatest combination in our opinion, but the sensation is nothing short of bewilderment.

This gum got us thinking. Wasn’t there a tale, years ago, about a man trying to revolutionize the gum-chewing industry? A crazy candy scientist who believed gum could not only change flavors, but satisfy a craving for an entire meal?

That man was Willy Wonka. While he may have only been a fictional character, his ideas were as concrete as they come. Now, scientists are piggybacking on Wonka’s dreams and finding some great discoveries along the way.

You know what? It’s about damn time. Every Thanksgiving, the Altman family gets together to watch this beautiful film, and we always end up crying because it’s just so beautiful. Chocolate rivers? Sorry Scotty, those don’t exist in America or anywhere else. Edible teacups? Sorry Dougie, but porcelain is all we got and it tastes terrible. Three-course gum? Sorry Magnus, but the only flavor we have is berrylicious- Wait, we have what?!

The time is nigh for Willy Wonka’s creations to be a real world phenomenon. Check out what Professor Dave Hart of the Institute of Food Research has to say regarding this futuristic food endeavor:

Wonka’s fantasy concoction has been nothing but a dream for millions of kids across the world. But science and technology is changing the future of food, and these nanoparticles may hold the answer to creating a three course gourmet gum. Tiny nanostructures within the gum would contain each of the different flavours. These would be broken up and released upon contact with saliva or after a certain amount of chewing – providing a sequential taste explosion as you chew harder.”

Yahoo! This year’s Thanksgiving may end up being a lot more fun than we anticipated. Can you imagine? We’re waiting out for the Cranberry-Turkey-Pumpkin Pie combo… them’s good eats – er, chews.

[Slugworth wanted this story first, but we got it from O’NTD]


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