Michael Jackson’s Virtual World Ain’t Got Nothing on Neverland Ranch!

September 22, 2010

Song of the Day  :  The Who – Magic Bus  

Michael Jackson has a new Online Video Game coming soon!


Here’s a great idea! Let’s combine one of the most beloved performers of all time with some pedophile chargers. Oh wait, we already did that. Ok then, then let’s try combining the beloved pedophile performer with a children’s theme park! Oh wait, we already did that. Ok then, let’s submerge the pedophile performer’s theme park into a massive online virtual world where indoor-kids and creepy-adults from all around the world can practice dance moves for points!  


{ Moonwalk to Planet Michael }


KFC, A Human Ton of Fried Chicken for the World Record?

August 26, 2010

Song of the Day  :  Pink Floyd  –  Wot’s… Uh the Deal

First, let’s point out that they’re probably gonna need a bigger bucket; whatever size they plan to use will be too small. As many of you know, KFC exploded onto the fast-food scene in 1952, wooing hungry Americans with their bodacious blend of delicious herbs and spices. Shortly after, they busted our collective gut with their revolutionary “Double-Down Sandwich.” And now, KFC wants to to be crowned The Poultry King by usurping the Fried Chicken World Record from… wait for it… KFC.

{ Finger Lick This }

Today’s Letter is… Mustache

August 20, 2010

Song of the Day  :  Beck  –  Broken Train

Have you been watching Sesame Street lately? Why not?! We watch it… all the time. And just so you don’t have to wade through all of that “educational” fluff (I’m looking at you, The Count), we have compiled some of our favorite Sesame Street clips from the latest seasons.

{ C is for Cookie… }

New Song Added : Groovestown

August 3, 2010

Song of the Day  :  Radiohead  –  Anyone Can Play Guitar

Altmanmusic reveals a new song today!

“Groovestown > Twist > Cloud 47” (Pig N’ Whistle, Los Angeles, CA, 2010-07-10)

The tune is a special “Threefer”. Three songs, no break in-between. It comes from the live concert album, “Pig N’ Whistle… Live!”

Click here to be taken to Altmanmusic’s Myspace page. You can check out tour-dates, songs, pictures, and more just by clicking!

NOTE  :  Jordy Altman is performing at The Pig N’ Whistle once again on August 7th as part of their Singer-Songwriter Showcase.

Pig N’ Whistle |  8:30pm  |  $9.00 at the door

Ice-T Hates Cops, Loves Twitter

August 1, 2010

Song of the Day  :  Afroman – Colt 45

As it is written, Rappers are known for keepin’ it real. Whether it’s kickin’ it street side with their homies or swappin’ penitentiary tales, Rap Stars have made it very clear that they are, and always will be, the Bad Asses of our generation.

So why, Ice-T? Why did you have to go and ruin everything! You’re a self-proclaimed Cop Killer, not a Twit Bitcher! Don’t follow T’s tweets online? Allow me to fill ya in, ya dig?

{ Bitch Be Crazy! }